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Friday, 27 September 2013

Tower Portraits and the Wagon Door

I had warned the US TV producer Jonathan Taylor that it was hard to get a good portrait picture of the tower now the coal truck was in the way.   "Not at all" said Jonathan.  "Come with me".

At the bottom of the station drive, particularly with benefit of the pole cam is an ideal vantage point - especially in the late afternoon sunshine:

click to enlargeThis was taken from ground level so the fence intrudes a bit.   Just a few feet higher - from a set of steps -  should be the ideal portrait location.   Thank you Jonathan - you know your business.

Today I have been working on the inside of the truck, reinforcing the top of the tuck body with 60mm x 40mm hardwood with a steel strip on top of it.   This has created an immensely strong box.   I wondered if creating the side door opening would weaken it.   This involves two angled vertical saw cuts.   Voila!   An instant bottom hinged door despite which the walls either side of the door opening are rock solid.   What an amazing design.
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