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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Serious Progress with the Wagon

 The Aviemore wagon is fast acquiring sides.   This three quarter view shows the tippler end door now assembled and working.

Presently the planks are done in black acrylic primer and the metalwork in zinc phosphate primer.    

This is the side of the wagon that faces the station drive - the most public side therefore.   As can be seen there are five 7" planks per side, each with a 30 degree detail at the top, as was done originally, to shed the rain.

The big red corner piece has been cut down from seven plank size to five planks, so reducing its weight and giving the opportunity for seriously rusted ends to be removed.   The black end-post to the left of the picture is one of two.   Lowering the body has meant the original oak posts can be re-used by cutting off the rotten ends.

This is the side view.   What a contrast with the near wreck of a wagon just three months ago.   Settle Coal's Brian Thornton called by today.   He it was who went to Aviemore with his low loader to collect the wagon.   He recalled covering it with a giant tarpaulin for the journey to Settle 'to stop the bits blowing off it'.

Thanks to a lot af hard graft, help from several local  businesses and from volunteer joiner Ged Pinder especially the job is almost finished.
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