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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Double Yellows and Females of Doubtful Reputation

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Men came today and repaired the double yellow lines on The Sidings, which should ease the problems faced by HGV drivers who find themselves unable to turn when their sat-navs have misled them.   Other pictures show the progress on the summer house (hereinafter known as T'ut) and the navvy hut (Grumpy's Shed).   Both are looking the bees knees.   The steps in front of T'ut are work in progress but you get the idea.   The rain chain works as, thankfully, do the props.
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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Rules for Grandsons - and Wise Husbands Too

Grandson James (7) has asked for my help in devising a task list for his brother, Grandson Ben (4 yesterday).    This is a calendar style Gruffalo thing whereby tasks for the forthcoming week are written  across the top line above a grid below showing days of the week and spaces for stars for achievement of the named tasks.    Got it?

Faced with a blank chart for week 1 James suggested the following:

1  Do what Mummy tells you
2  Wee in the toilet

Forgive the near total irrelevance to the Settle Station Water Tower but it struck me that those were good enough rules for any four year old - or any male of any age come to that.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Grandstand View

Have a look at
When the train has passed through Settle Station the water tower can be seen.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Just Two Years Ago

Photo courtesy of Mark Bartlett - click to enlarge 
 I came across this picture of the water tower in Autumn 2010 on the Railscot website.   The trees are on the turn and some thinning of the shrubbery on the station drive had been done.   The tower sits there untouched with broken windows and its rusty tank.   To the left it hides behind the trees.   That fence to the right was effective but not elegant!
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A Gadget that Works

This time of year especially the papers are full of adverts for things you don't need but every once in a while something crops up that is very useful and that works.   Here is one - the Karcher window vac.   Our cast iron single glazed window frames suffer from condensation - inevitably.   It just so happens that the suction blade is the perfect fit - see below.

Each morning we give the windows a quick suck and hey presto, we get rid of maybe a pint of condensation and are able to see out of the perfectly clean windows.   It is quite fun actually!
Usual disclaimer - no connection with Karcher.

If only they did a narrow blade for those side bits . . .  
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