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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dallas Comes to Settle

Today we were 'shot' by the team from Dallas for the US TV programme You Live in What?

Here is Geraint the sound man getting all worked up about fixing Pat's microphone.   You would not belieeeeve where the transmitter box went.

Since Restoration Man the HD cameras have got smaller but the lights have got bigger.

We raided Booths for lunch.   These jet setting TV people were impressed.

This expensive gadget is a pole cam - it enables amazing shots to be taken from ground level to quite high up.   The actual camera is at the far end and the black box above the pole is the monitor.   The camera is flown, much like a helicopter.   It opens up a whole new range of opportunities for spectacular shots.

Here is the pole cam in action as the 1348 northbound arrives at Settle.   As the train departs the camera swings round to the left to show the water tower.   On the left is Jonathan Taylor the assistant producer, from Dallas but living in Paris.   It's another world.

A most enjoyable but busy day.
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