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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not Compo After All

This sunny afternoon I was pottering in the wagon when I saw three chaps peering over the fence, obviously interested in the tower.   I told them they were most welcome to have a look around and to sign the visitors book.   After their circuit of the tower I could not resist asking them what was their story - so distinguished and interested was their demeanor.   In fact I said they looked like something out of 'Last of the Summer Wine'.   It turned out that one of them was local and the others were visitors from East Anglia.   Jokingly, I asked the visitors if they were doing missionary work in the north of England.   They laughed politely.

Whilst signing the visitors book they watched part of the Restoration Man DVD and noted the bit about me being a retired police officer.   The local chap asked if by any chance I was Truly of the Yard.   I denied it but said that if they went to the signal box they would see the rest of the Summer Wine Gang.   "Including Nora Batty?" one of them asked, hopefully.

I knew I had seen the local chap before so I tackled him about this.   Had I perhaps seen him in Booths supermarket?   His face was familiar.

"Well" he said, "I was Archbishop of York but now I'm retired and a priest of last resort when they're stuck."

Not Compo after all then!

Meet the Rt Reverend Dr David Hope, Lord Thorne - and a jolly good sport:

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