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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Shades of Grey

  Another eye catching title, which will probably earn me no end of rude spam.
I know it is a best selling she-porn book but I could not resist airing my wordly awareness.

Here is the truck in its first coat of grey.   If the dry weather holds it will get another tomorrow.   I am a bit biased but I reckon it is beginning to look the business.   I am using grey polyurethane floor paint for two reasons - 1) if it is good enough for factory floors it is good enough for the wagon sides and 2) it is amazingly good value - a 20 litre barrel of it (picture 1) is £23 on E-Bay - carriage included!

FoSCL stalwart Dr John Disney got off the 1044 train, having travelled from Leicester, to lead a FoSCL guided walk.   I had started the grey paint on one end of the wagon.   He asked me if it would be finished by the time he returned.   At that stage I doubted it but then I thought - if he can spend his day doing heroic voluntary work for the S&C largely for the benefit of others, the least I can do is to crack on with a bit of painting.   So - thank you John - four sides in shades of grey.
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