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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Busy in Ribblesdale Today

The amount of emergency services and helicopter activity this afternoon does not sound good.   Serous incident up on the Ribblehead-Hawes road at Newby Head Pass near Ribblehead apparently.   Four helicopters in attendance.   Let us hope that just reflects the remoteness of the site rather than the number of casualties.

Summer weekend days are seldom peaceful in and around Settle.   For all the wrong reasons, sadly.   As a community we are very well served in emergencies.   Not just the full time emergency services of police and ambulance but part time fire brigade and volunteer cave and moorland rescue and first responders.

Site Office / Summer House Fits in Well

After quite a struggle, involving ladders and roof work (another breakthrough), the site hut is in place on the knoll and frankly looks as though it has always been there.

The Yorkshire Dales


for some stunning pictures and erudite words from former Dalesman editor Paul Jackson.

As a taster how's this for a wow of a picture of England's green and pleasant land?

click to enlarge

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Flying Settle Salmon

It is incredibly difficult to get a picture of the salmon leaping up the river so this picture of one on this year's migration will take some beating:


Monday, 17 September 2018

Family Cuddles

Lorna and the boys came here for the weekend and we had a lovely, quiet, undemanding weekend.   For the first time since April I felt confident enough to eat out without disgracing myself.   Aiming a forkful of food with a broken wrist at a mouth that won't totally oblige size or position-wise has taken some working out.   Grandson James was the advance party to find a dark corner table at The Talbot for grandpa to hide and eat without becoming a spectacle.   Whitby scampi and chips.   Another achievement.

Lorna did another heroic job on the garden and the house, reaching those corners that are rarely reached.

There was a combined effort on the summer house / site office, with which I was able to take a fairly active part:

 We watched the Saturday qualifying sessions for the Singapore Grand Prix and Ben decided to plonk himself alongside grandpa for a cuddle.   Aaaah.
At The Talbot the boys were discouraged from playing real darts.   Their mother Lorna, resourceful as always, took herself off to Car and Kitchen* and found a magnetic dartboard which actually works, thanks to todays powerful magnets:

*Car and Kitchen is a Settle market place institution.   A one time garage, long since turned toyshop,  gift shop, cafeteria and kitchenware shop, hence the name, you can be sure of finding what you, or someone near to you, want/s.   Lorna has been going there since she was old enough to have money of her own to spend.

The top lawn and containers had some t.l.c. too:

 Stripes above and winter bedding below - thank you Lorna.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A Temporary Site Hut

Having submitted our planning application we enter a hiatus awaiting a decision during which it is senseless spending any money directly related to the application.   Even so, we want to make rapid progress once we get approval - if we get approval.   There are some almost cost free things that can be done, high on the list of which was the removal of the black summer house / shed which would have obstructed access to the site and relocating it as a potential site hut.

This we (me and Steve) have almost done and it sits well in its new location on the knoll:

Neighbouring trees and our shrubs make it less prominent a feature than it was and it is now at building site level.   It is very much a temporary building - indeed this is its fifth location, having been with us at The Folly, Well House and here.

It will house the building plans.   Eventually it may resume its role as a visitors refuge / display room if we decide to resume that facility.

Still work in progress.   If we want it to stay where it is we shall need Listed Building consent at least.   Yet our much more prominent coal truck and the enormous water crane have 'the planning status of garden gnomes' apparently.   I suppose gnomes need somewhere to live don't they?

Monday, 10 September 2018

A Memorable Trip Downstairs

Ever since my epic fall on 11 April I have not attempted to walk down that flight of stairs.   In part there was a psychological barrier but mainly it was for fear of retribution from a concerned wife.   Having the lift and an alternative shallower flight of stairs made those stairs avoidable anyway.

The thank-you visit of my ambulance crew, Wendy and Luke gave an opportunity to cross that Rubicon.   Safeguarded fore and aft therefore I made it down the stairs, pausing at the bend in the staircase to admire the  dent in the wall left by my head.   Photos Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

And here is a last word from grandson James.   Bless him, he had composed a script but come the moment he could not bring himself to read it out.   Sound on, Kleenex at the ready:

The link doesn't work for me so probably not for you either but he says
"My name is James Gavin.   Thank you for saving my grandpa's life".