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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tornado Was Here

Sorry for the absence of postings these last few days.   Rather busy with the three days of scheduled steam hauled trains over the S&C - the first for nearly 50 years.

Each day the main trains were full up and would-be passengers were left at Skipton - 300 or so of them.   5,500 made it and travelled on the trains and the whole thing was a huge success, attracting worldwide media coverage.   Here in the UK there were live feeds into the BBC TV news bulletins throughout day one.   I travelled on all twelve trains in my On-Train-Guide capacity and am now a sworn-in trained door-steward too, but I shall not let it go to my head.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures captured on the S&C web cameras:

click to enlarge

 . . . . . . and emerging from the north end of Blea Moor tunnel:

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Roof Room at its Best

Today we have got the log burning stove cracking in the roof room and the weather has obliged with a blizzard.   Grandchildren, log burner, blizzard and the Six Nations on the HDTV up in the sky with a 360 view.   What more could a chap want?

Lancashire - a Place where Everyone Mutters?

Back in 2012 I did a posting that dealt with the crazy extravagance of neighbouring Lancashire's boundary signs which declared the county to be a 'Place Where Everyone Matters'

This is how the signs are supposed to look:

Nice thought of course but a waste of money maybe.

It was not long before a hero with a black felt-tip changed an 'a' to a 'u' so it became a place where everyone mutters.

That was the thrust of my 2012 Blog post and, sadly I cannot find a picture online.   The Red Rose County Council was quick to remove and replace such defaced signs, more's the pity on several grounds.

Undefeated, the heroes have struck back with a far more easily achieved, slightly more subtle and equally appropriate modification:

Makes you feel proud to have a sense of fun and to live in Yorkshire.

Stand by for Tornado

This magnificent machine will be hauling regular passenger trains through Settle next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   Here it is at Shrewsbury during the weekend.

Definitely click to enlarge

The first time in 50 years that steam has hauled scheduled services in the UK.   And it stops at SETTLE!

Here is its timetable:

(You may need to enlarge the .pdf when you get it on your screen.)

Almost certainly there will still be places to be had at Settle for the first and last trains of the day.

Normal day to day fares.    How about a day in Leeds, Bradford, Saltaire etc, departing and arriving in style?   Could be another 50 years before this happens again - if ever.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Original Appleby Water Tower

Found this on E-bay and bought it.   It shows the original water tower at Appleby station.   It was demolished when steam 'finished' in 1968 but that was regretted soon afterwards as steam gradually returned.   Appleby Round Table built a replacement in 1991, which serves to this day.

click to enlarge

What was the curious wooden structure on the top of the tank all about?

Not sure how this image has eluded my pathetic obsession with  Settle-Carlisle water towers.
It is from a postcard produced in support of the Save It campaign of the 1980s.   The reverse is just as interesting for its wording.   It will appear below when I receive the postcard.

You lucky people.

And here it is:

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Giggleswick Water Tower new evidence

Many moons ago I posted some details about Settle's other railway water tower at Giggleswick, courtesy of Michael Soames who has now sent me this one, dated ?1962:

click to enlarge

Less than half the capacity of Settle's tower, it is probably older.   It has seen better days and there is a curious and large hole to the right of its base.   Other pictures show a substantial chimney at that corner of the tower:

The picture below, taken from the fields to the west of the line appears to show the stump of the chimney during demolition, which probably explains the hole.

Judging by the lack of foliage on the trees and their size, these three pictures seem to be a set.

Country life can be a bit boring sometimes so the demise of a local landmark seems to have made the  photographs worthwhile!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Letters Again

The big yellow SETTLE letters have come back into focus as the re-opening of the railway line approaches.   They had been in storage alongside the coal truck since late last summer when they were taken down for fear of upsetting the planners.

I have been in e-mail correspondence with the owners of the letters, Settle Town Council - hoping to find somewhere else in the town for them, preferably within view of the railway.   Nothing came of that idea but they did ask if I was prepared to continue storing them out of harm's way.

Sooooo they are now in safe storage and out of the way, at the town end of the tower this time.   Unlikely to be stolen from up there anyway!

 click to enlarge