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Thursday, 23 March 2017

The First Train over Eden Brows

This afternoon a Network Rail test train crossed the new tracks at Eden Brows:

Notice the 15 months of rust on the up line ahead of the train as it passes Armathwaite station, a mile or so to the south of Eden Brows.   Photographer Ken Harper.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We Can Keep a Secret at Settle

We have known for a while that there was a happening at Settle today.

HRH Prince of Wales dropped by complete with Royal train and more British Transport police officers than there were people at Settle Station:

 click pics to enlarge

The station can park was full for the first time in months - with police vehicles.

People taking their dogs for a walk were searched

But the Police need not have worried about crowds, so well had the secret been kept.   They even had time to smile and pose.

Welcome to Settle your Royal Highness.   Sorry about the rain.

Shake a few hands.

And away.   Pat got a wave.

 And here's the Royal Train passing our web cameras at a snowy Ribblehead (0943.28) and Horton in Ribblesdale (0949.25).   It arrived at Settle bang on 1000.00.

And after the show was over the BTP posed for a picture.   I notice the dog handlers and their charges are wisely spaced well apart from each other.    This picture was taken by Settle's 'Scouse' Steve Roberts who has had more dealings with the boys in blue than I have!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to Hide a Lift Shaft

When we were planning our adaptations of the tower we put a great deal of thought into the positioning of the lift shaft.   We wanted to put it outside the tower, out of sight at the rear as part of the annex.

The planners were having none of that and insisted that it went inside the tower.   That would necessitate it being smaller than we would have wished as it had to squeeze between the massive iron beams that supported the tank, at 4 foot centres.    Furthermore it would be a prominent feature of our main living space.   It has proved incredibly useful but it could not be denied that it was a bit of an eyesore.

We have puzzled for a long time how it might be somehow concealed or visually subdued but without success.   Recently, inspiration struck.   Why not make it into a clock tower?

click to enlarge

Effective, useful and something which gives function to what used to have all the appeal of a large upright freezer.

A visitor today was mightily impressed and said that all it lacked was a pendulum swinging behind the glass door.   That would indeed be fun. . . . . .

Never thought I would gain inspiration from Shipley Market Place:

Roll Down a Hill and Giggle

This has nothing to do with water towers, Eden Brows, steam trains or tractors:

do please click to enlarge

It just popped up on Twitter this morning and amused me.   You too I hope.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Rainy Sunday Morning

It is Sunday and it is raining.   Heavily.    When these things coincide I like nothing better than to settle down in the roof room landing area - at the top on the topmost stairs, inside what was the water tank.

When the weather outside is evil it must be the cosiest place in Settle.

click to enlarge

It is not at all evident in the picture but a few millimetres of glass stand between this cosy space and a howling gale with squally rain thrown in.   Warm too with the heat of the floor below percolating up the stair well.

And the Sunday Telegraph too.   There is something very satisfying about embarking on an unread Sunday newspaper brimming with fresh crosswords, news, features and all the rest whilst turmoil reigns so close by outside.

The river Ribble through Settle has been angry today.   I do hope that no cavers have been taken unawares..

Friday, 17 March 2017

Eden Brows has Rails Again

Sorry to harp on about Eden Brows but what has been achieved there is little short of miraculous and absolutely vital to the future of the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle-Scotland railway to which the town of Settle owes so much.

This week the media were present in force at Eden Brows to record the re-paying of the actual railway lines across the mighty structure that now spans the site of the landslip fifteen months ago:

 Click pics to enlarge

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Any Questions? at Giggleswick School

Last evening we went to join the audience for the live broadcast of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions? from the Richard Whiteley Theatre at Giggleswick school

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We had been to one of these before - at Beckfoot School in Bingley, by comparison with which the Giggleswick audience get 100% for politeness and good conduct.    That is not to say it was partisan. The applause was well distributed between the token Tory, Labour and Lib-dem.

Even more telling of course is when a speaker finishes and there is not a ripple.

Footnote:   Bumped into one of the panelists next morning admiring the water tower before catching a train to Leeds where there was a football match to be watched, apparently.    Had never been to the Yorkshire Dales before but vowed to return.   Had no plans to listen to the Saturday lunchtime repeat!