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Friday, 4 May 2018

Resumption of Normal-ish Service

click to enlarge this horrifying CT scan image of my C2 vertebra

THANK YOU to so many who have been so kind and helpful in so many ways over the past 3 weeks.   It has been a revelation how fast news spreads along the Leeds- Carlisle railway, the police, Rotary, yesteryear TV and family of curse (that curse should have been course, of course).

Long story short I fell downstairs on the staircase in our annex on 10th April resulting in two fractures of the spine, # left wrist Radius & ulna.   Two ambulance crews from Settle responded, the first of which, mercifully suspected a broken neck, immobilised it and called for assistance.   Good thing too as it required some heavy furniture shifting to get me out apparently.   Then off to the ROYAL PRESTON HOSPITAL, the  north west’s neuro and spinal unit from which I was sent home yesterday.

  Have had some  bad yet good luck recently - cancer, op, chemo, hernia, op, blocked small intestine, op - now this!

The neck # was within 1mm of being fatal or paralysing.   It was the vertebra C2 - the axis or hangman’s vertebra, now rebuilt and fused with C1, C3 & C4.   No spinal cord nor brain damage apparently but quite a few weeks recovery in prospect.   Communication by e-mail etc just for now.

In 30 years police service I had very little time off sick but have been compensating somewhat of late!   I apologise.   Full marks to the NHS.

This was the dent in the wall where my head struck after 1/2 pint of blood and hair had been cleaned up by superb neighbours Les and Val Barlow while I
was being blue lighted and hee-hawed to hospital in Preston.   134 stitches and a blood transfusion saw to that.

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