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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Busy Day

Busy day yesterday with a visit to Airedale hospital to see how my broken wrist is progressing.   It was X rayed, as was my broken and repaired neck so that Airedale had it on file.   The surgeon was good enough to let me have a look at the neck repair X ray and mighty complicated and impressive it looks.   He declared it to be a very good job in his opinion.   Also, the wrist fracture was quite complicated.   I impressed myself by walking miles (it felt like) along Airedale's corridors.

I asked the radiographer if there was any mechanism for getting copies of the neck pictures.   After all, Lorna had sweet-talked Preston Royal into unofficial pictures of the original break and comparison would be interesting.   Might even make a good Christmas Card even (joke).

To my surprise, the answer was yes - you can purchase a CD of your X rays for £10.   The advice however was to wait until June, when they would be free of charge because of the new much publicised Data Protection rules.   My neck - my data etc.

On our return we had lunch in the sunshine on the roof.

Meanwhile the steam train season is in full spring swing.   Here is a pretty picture of yesterday's steamer, taken in Dentdale by Anthony Ward.   I saw it whoosh past the tower later on.

probably breaks every rule in the photographic book but I like it young Anthony.   The 'steam' from the locomotive looks as though it is made of the same stuff as the clouds.   And it is.

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