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Sunday, 22 January 2017

We're Becoming Iconic

Dunno if that link will work.   It's a link to one of those Facebook 'groups' that you have to join and be approved before you do so.

That one's For Sale in Settle - a very handy means of buying, selling or just giving away in a given locality.

Anyway, these groups can chop and change their background picture and I am honoured, delighted and thrilled to be able to report that an image of our water tower has been chosen as the title page background for For Sale in Settle.

It's this one:-
click to enlarge - credit flashpast photography

(Dammit my spellchecker wanted to make that credit 'Flashiest Photography'.   Some of these 'intelligent' aids to modern life are damnably annoying.)

Anyway, I suppose that the big SETTLE letters were a major factor in its choice by the panel of judges.   The implication is that we are becoming a bit of an iconic image of Settle, which is jolly nice too.

We still have the big yellow letters, having taken them down when the 2016 Flowerpot Festival finished, partly for fear of prosecution for offending planning law.   We have asked Settle Town Council, who own the letters, what they want to do with them.   One good place would be on the railway-facing wall of a bland industrial unit on the railway approach to Settle.

The Clerk to Settle Town Council enquired of the planning authority, Craven District Council about planning permission (got that GCHQ, the Kremlin and the Pentagon?).    They replied in the stiffest of terms that planning permission was required for this 'advertisement' and the fee would be somewhere north of £300.    That ball is now in the court of Settle Town Council. 

Anticipating the Settle Town Council have better things to do with £300+ than give it to Craven District Council (still with me) I have nearly decided to put the letters into temporary storage on the left of the tank for summer 2017.

I have asked the 4,000* or so participants in Facebook For Sale in Settle what they think of my idea as I really do not want to upset anybody.    So far it is 100% 'likes' for the idea among the 15 who have expressed an opinion.    I think I need a few more before I am comfortable in exposing myself to a criminal conviction and a potential fine of £2000 +.

I am considering equipping the letters with wheels so that they become 'vehicles' which are exempt from planning law, like the coal truck.

Maybe we need a Donald Trump to rid us of some of this crap?

* the population of Settle is only 2000-ish so my brain is beginning to hurt.

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