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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Might Have Found a Pinchbar

A pinchbar? I hear you cry.   They were once commonplace items of equipment wherever railway wagons or other rail vehicles needed to be moved short distances.

 National Railway Museum photographs taken in Kings Cross Yard.

In effect, a long lever that would provide enough purchase between a wheel and the railway line.

Well, there's one on E-bay right now.   Only trouble is it is in Wales and I'm in Settle so enquiries are in hand as to its weight.   Then I can see if a courier can be found who can oblige.

Meantime, I thought you would be interested.   Well, if it crops up at a quiz night you'll thank me for this broadening of your horizons.

Sadly this looks like falling through as carriage would be something north of £100 as the item weighs 26 kg and is just over 3m long.    Unless anybody has a van or lorry that goes to south Wales sometimes.    Some you win.

We think we may have found a way to get this up here sometime.   Pinchbars move in mysterious ways.  The back axle of our 1914 Model T Ford came here under the driver's seat, as it were, of  jumbo jet from America.    A pinchbar from Wales should be less of a challenge. 

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