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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Now an Autotruck

I simply have to have a project on the go.   The Yanmar Tractor is nearly finished and so too is the car transporter trailer so what next?

I have always had a soft spot for those three wheeled tractors you used to see on railway platforms towing sometimes trains of wagons full of mailbags.    They were such commonplace and utility vehicles that few of them have survived.   Rare among the survivors were those made in the UK by Geest.

These things steered by means of the entire front end, engine, powered wheel, the lot,  turning so they could in fact turn in their own length - sometimes actually less.   The Geest auto truck was particularly useful as its body tips.

Well, I now have one - or soon shall have when the trailer is ready to go to near Newcastle to collect it - maybe a week, that's all.   The three pictures are not of my actual auto truck but they are almost identical.   My new (well, 1940s) truck lived at Hexham station and is a part finished project which has been dry stored for some decades since its former owner died.

click pics to enlarge

This third picture is nearest in terms of condition and colours.   It could just end up in LMS maroon.

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