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Friday, 25 November 2016

Achilles Heel Better Now - and a Delivery on a Pallet

Blog followers will know that I broke my left Achilles tendon back in August.   Bang.  I heard it go.

The Achilles tendon is the largest in the body and when it breaks you know all about it.   Ask Achilles the Greek.   Ultrasound revealed a 3.5 cm gap between the broken ends.  Consultant Surgeon Chris Wray decided he could not operate on it yet as I was on anti-clotting Fragmin daily injections and he really did not want to kill me.   He told me I must nurse it for two months and he would review it.

I did as told and yesterday was the review.   Mr Wray examined me and was very pleased with me.   I am walking almost normally and could extend my foot with considerable force  - using my now healed Achilles tendon.   During my two months of nursing my Achilles I kept hearing the voice of consultant onchologist Dr Shazza Rehman.   "The body's ability to heal itself is absolutely remarkable".   Here is Dr Rehman, the Trust's lead onchologist and a very lovely lady indeed:

So what's all this got to do with a delivery on a pallet?    Well, a big lorry drew up by the water tower this morning - so big that it parked on Station Road rather than attempt the station drive.   I was busy in the garage when the lorry's driver peered in.   "Mister Rand?"  he enquired.  "How's your leg?"   How could a delivery driver know about my leg?   Conversation moved on to logistics about how he was going to offload a very heavy pallet.   That is another story - see next Blog posting.

Pallet unloaded curiosity got the better of me and I asked how he knew about my leg.   In one of life's coincidences it turned out his previous delivery had been a sheep pen to a Mr Wray in Gargrave.   Mr Wray in Gargrave was orthopaedic and trauma surgeon Chris Wray.   He had asked the driver about his next port of call and on hearing that it was a Mr Rand at Settle Water Tower he had said "Ask him how his leg is.   That'll freak him out!"

It did.

Small world again, with splendid people in it.   And Donald Trump.

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