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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Shutter Windows Almost Done

The shutter windows by Wonder of Wood Ltd of Settle are almost finished.   They look splendid and just as importantly they work as intended.

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Now that the latches are fitted and the shutters and seals are airtight we can begin to test the effectivess of our system.   So far is is obvious that:

-  the whole house feels, and is, warmer
-  the main room has become useable in the dead of winter
-  condensation on the original windows is much reduced or eliminated as the trickle vents to and from the outside, top and bottom take effect.   We can adjust the air flow later in the light of experience.
-  the wooden floors extend into the window bays enabling a wider view of the world out there
-  they blend in almost invisibly with the original windows
-  the inside of the house is appreciably quieter
-  the locking mechanisms extend the full height of the windows, exerting pressure against the seals along their entire length

Altogether an excellent result at this early stage.

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