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Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Most Heartening mention on BBC Radio 4

Nearly choked on my cornflakes so to speak this morning when listening to BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live programme.

Among the people in the studio was Restoration Man George Clarke who was asked if there was any Restoration Man project that had come in on budget and on time.   To my astonishment George singled out our project as the one and only that had ticked those two boxes.   He went on to say very nice things about which modesty prevents repetition here.

Click on the link below.   The whole programme is well worth a listen but our bit starts at 17 mins 0 secs and goes on to 19m 30s

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live 24/1/15

I should say that it did not feel like on budget and on time at the time!

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