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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Steady Handed Eddie

Today was the day when the wagon ceased to be a grey box on wheels.

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Despite a forecast of heavy rain signwriter Eddie Ralph did his stuff.   I had kept the wagon dry overnight with a tarpaulin, then I rigged up a temporary shelter at the top of the side planks.   Here is Eddie marking out the side of the wagon.

In just an hour or two the letters Settle Coal Co Ltd were painted with great precision and skill.   The promised rain came - hence the blue plastic sheet, under which Eddie painted black shadows to the lettering, bringing them alive.   The weather worsened and the plastic sheet took off but Eddie soldiered on.

I had to ask about the signwriter's uniform jacket, with trendy paint stripes on the arms.   It is as much a rag as a garment.   Excess paint on a brush is wiped off on the inside of the elbow, as demonstrated below.   It also shows that even signwriters can get paint on their noses!

Eddie Ralph, signwriter of Gargrave.
07851 721915
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