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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

From Russia With Love

Blog statistics enable one to see where in the World people are when they click on to Settle Station Water Tower.   Unsurprisingly the UK heads a very long list, followed by the USA.   Third place goes to Russia.   Now that is a surprise.   Rarely though do we get a Russian visitor but this week we had one.   A most charming lady from Moscow.

She looked round the house and had her fix of cat, courtesy of a compliant Purrcy and wrote in the visitors book:
"This is the best house I have ever seen!   Amazing!   Thank you so much.   You did a great job."

How the world has changed - and shrunk.   For the better mostly.

People are always interested in the weather station on the roof and are surprised to hear that you can see the weather in Settle from any on-line computer in the world, if you really want to!   The computer in the roof room is on and connected to the internet permanently to enable this.

One programme I like to show people is Planefinder
Give it a try but be warned, it is addictive.   Pop in any postcode by clicking Map Options / Location top right of the screen and lo and behold there is a map of that location and details of the aircraft flying over it right now.

Our Russian visitor was intrigued.   She tapped in her Moscow postcode, more in hope than expectation.   Such snooping on what is happening in real time over Moscow would have been unthinkable not long ago.   Instantly,the map was there, her road centre screen.   Zooming out a bit (slider on the left of the screen) we saw a dozen or so planes over Moscow, mostly landings and take offs but some at high altitude taking that route from one side of the globe to the other.

A really good thing.

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