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Monday, 15 July 2013

Solebars, Settle and Sweat

Settle is a lovely place to be.   Big enough to have most facilities yet small enough to know most people, if only by sight.   As I was taking the dog for a walk this morning we met the postman.   "Morning Mark, nothing for you today".   That's nice, in several respects.   Later, when working on the troublesome truck the man from the pet shop passed by.   "If in doubt, give it a clout", was his advice.  Good advice too as it turned out.   After much clouting and cutting the left hand solebar has been completely cleared of its attachments and is ready for replacement.   The plan is to jack the chassis straight, clamp the new solebar to the old one and to drill holes using the existing solebar as the template.   Easily said.

Compare the cleared solebar above with the other solebar, below,whose attachments do not need to be removed (I hope).

Each solebar's fittings are held in place by 40 massive nuts and bolts, most of which have had to be cut off.   In addition to those 80 bolts there are six tie bars which run the length and width of the wagon:

Settle Coal have made these for us to replace the corroded originals.   These, plus the mortice and tenon timber joints, are the keys to the eventual rigidity of the wagon.
It has been cooler today, enabling progress to be made all day without seeking respite in the shade.
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