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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hotting Up

Today started delightfully with visitors from Driffield who had seen the TV programme and decided they must see Settle and ride on the S&C.   This is just the sort of result we were wanting.  Coincidentally, I was trimming the front hedge and therefore available for conversation as it were.   A local lady, who I had not knowingly met before came across the road and said "Thank you so much for what you have both done for Settle".   Now, isn't that nice?   She told me she had seen both of the TV programmes and had witnessed the restoration work daily during her dog perambulations.

Besides those heart warming encounters this has been, for Settle, a VERY hot day.   Our rooftop weather station recorded 29.5C at 1732 hours.   Besides recording the actual in-the-shade temperature(29.5) the software does a calculation that combines temperature with relative humidity and comes up with an 'apparent temperature' - what it actually feels like.   This was an incredible 38.9C.   102F if you prefer.

Phew, what a scorcher.

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