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Monday, 1 July 2013

Cutting One's Nuts Off

 The wagon has loads and loads of very rusty nuts and bolts that have to be undone,which poses quite a challenge.  Many of the bolts are corroded almost right through, which makes things easy as they simply break when the nut is turned and the whole lot just collapses in a dust of rust.   Other components are far less easy but not impossible.

The picture illustrates how it is done.   The pen top gives an idea of the size of the nut.  A carefully directed cut with a thin cutting disc goes through the nut like a hot knife through butter.   The nut gets hot in the cutting process and expands, so freeing itself from the threads of the bolt.   Sometimes the nut can be removed by hand leaving the bolt or stud in good enough condition to accept a new nut when the re-building stage is reached.

Please forgive the double entendre caption which will probably result in unsavoury and unwanted spam when GCHQ get hold of it.
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