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Monday, 29 July 2013

53 Girl Guides

Today I had a day off  from matters truck.   I donned my On-Train-Guide vest and accompanied a group of 53 Girl Guides from Settle to Appleby.   None of the other On-Train-Guides had been brave enough to put their names down for the trip.   Now I have to say that the Girl Guides were not teenagers.   They were fully fledged women, most wearing girl guide uniforms.   Boss Girl Guides I guess, staying under canvas in Langcliffe.   If  Hitler had known about the Girl Guides he would not have even thought about it.

I survived.  My commentary was appreciated - I even got a round of applause.   The conductor appeared in our carriage, took one look and declared  "I'm sure they've got tickets; I'm not going in there"!

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