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Thursday, 10 November 2011

The water cranes have landed in Settle

This is conservation in action. Way back when the line was under threat of closure and steam had ended British Rail preserved these two water cranes. Theya have lain in Network Rail's yard at Appleby ever since - see earlier posting on this Blog. Today, they were delivered to Settle for restoration, reconstruction and display - one at the water tower and one by the signal box.

Network Rail's Tony Taylor remotely operates the crane as the upper arm of one of the cranes is lowered to the ground.

and here is one of the uprights in mid air. Both cranes have been offloaded by the water tower because the lorry could not get access at the signal box. We can now set about constructing the concrete bases for both cranes,

A delightful detail at the top of each column is MR Co - Midland Railway Company.

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