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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Station approach entrance and doors

This is the drive into the Water Tower from the station approach road - and splendid it looks too.   The granite setts have been supplied to us by Network Rail and came from Paddington in London.   They were left over from work at Garsdale station and have found a home here at Settle.   They have been painstakingly laid by our builders Kilburn and Johnson.     Passers by have stopped in their tracks to admire this work being done.

Network Rail have been hugely supportive of this project, recognising that it will contribute visually to the ambience of Settle station and the heritage value.   Allowing us to re-open the access between the water tower and the station approach is just one example of ongoing cooperation.
Meanwhile, inside the tower joiner Dave Richardson fits a door.   Dave is renowned as one of the best joiners in the Yorkshire Dales.

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