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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fitted furniture

Yesterday we had a fascinating visit to Stachan's in Leeds to see our bedroom and office furniture being made. Stachan's are a long established family firm who make high quality fitted furniture. Being in Leeds they tick our box about trying to use local suppliers wherever we can. We toured the factory and saw all the processes from trees to furniture. Ours was at the finishing stage and we met Dean Thorpe who was polishing the wood - a process that lasts several days. Dean is one of a team of polishers but the same man does all the polishing on any one set of furniture. It was strange to see our furniture in bits under construction but with our name on it - and our plans lying on the work benches.

'Our' project manager Paul Alder hosted us and we met David Strachan, nowadays the senior Strachan actively involved in this dynastic firm. Located right by Bramley railway station we were able to get there and back by train.

Our furniture will be fitted from 16th November onwards.


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