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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cranes and stones and planes

Today was a day of big lifting. Here is Brian Thornton with Settle Coal's big Hiab crane lifting four of the tank base plates. These will become the bridge out onto the embankment.
But the main business of the day was the erection of not one but two giant water cranes - one by the water tower and one by Settle signal box. This picture shows the component parts of both cranes. The main column of the water tower crane has been set in position. The equivalent part of the signal box crane is on the back of the lorry as the cross beam of that crane is swung in alongside it. The cross beam of the water tower crane is still on the ground. This is the final stage of an operation that has involved Network Rail (who brought the cranes to Settle), Kilburn and Johnson (who cast the plinths and located the fixing bolts with total accuracy) and blacksmith David Clements who worked miracles on the mechanism of the water tower crane.
And here is the water tower crane in position. Pat was whelmed with it on seeing it. To quote her verbatim when asked what she thought of it, she said "It's big".
Bedroom fitter Arun has done a fine job, which matched the craftsmanship of Strachan's furniture makers.
Electic Ollie is not short of wires at the data hub of the building. The wiring is complete and is to be tested tomorrow
Stan Jordan's stonemasons have been hard at it. Rugby playing man-mountain Nick Cook (right) makes final adjustments to a stone that will form part of the main entrance.


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