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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Super Portrait of the Water Tower

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How about this one?

I have not seen many, if any really successful frontal portraits of the whole tower but this will take some beating.   It is among a huge number of superb photographs on the website of PhotoNorth - do have a look via the link below.

It shows among other things how the sky reflects mirror-like in the tower's windows  - a result of the triple glazing.   That means that people to-ing and fro-ing the station cannot see into the tower but we can see out perfectly - and we are a jolly sight warmer just now!

The photograph is a nice reminder of high summer 2017.   The big sycamore tree to the right of the tower has just been removed, opening up the view behind.   Flowerpot Man is perched near the top of the ladder and the Yorkshire flags look like candles on a cake.

Well done photographer Joan Martin.

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