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Sunday, 10 September 2017

I Like Red Ones

A dismal autumn day today, brightened up though by LMS Jubilee locomotive Galatea racing through Settle at 1240 northbound and 1821 on return with The Waverley from York to Carlisle and back.

Latter day trainspotter Pat missed it going north and mumped all day as a result.   No such mistake this evening though.   She was impressed, I could tell.

"I like red ones", she declared as we strolled back to the tower.   "I don't care about 423's or your 567's.   I like red ones".

"Yes dear" I replied.  

She's right of course.

click to enlarge

The sun has not always shone for Galatea.   Here she is in serious trouble on 16th August 1953, at Wilnecote between Birmingham New Street and Tamworth:

Amazingly just two people were hurt when the train from Bradford to Bristol derailed and split in two.  Galatea's crew were uninjured.

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