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Thursday, 24 August 2017

X Factor Finalist Visitor - Goldie Cheung

We really do get a great cross section of people visiting the tower each day.  Some just whizz round too fast to read the explanatory display boards.   If they have not seen the TV programme either it must be a real puzzle for them to understand what it is all about.

Other people take their time and take it all in and that can be very rewarding for us too.  Today we had a famous person visit us, with her husband David.   She is X Factor finalist Goldie Cheung.   See, and prepare to be amazed:

 and / or

I did not get a leg round my neck (you need to have watched the links) but I did have the pleasure of chatting to a very intelligent lady whose questions were very perceptive indeed.   Altogether a delight.

Jokingly I said to her husband that his wife would be quite a personality if only she would come out of her shell.   We had a good chuckle about that - again, WATCH the link.

As they were leaving she insisted on having a photograph taken with me looking awkward and in my scruffs.  

click to enlarge

I have to say she worked a jolly sight harder for her TV appearances than I ever did!

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