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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Morris Minor for a Day

Today the sun shone on the righteous, for once.   So good in fact we decided to take Gladys Emmanuel to Malham Show.   The website said that 'vintage vehicles' were one of the attractions.

When we slowed for the entrance to the show ground a worried steward looked at Gladys and asked where we usually parked.   "With the vintage vehicles" seemed to phase him a little but he opened the field gate whereupon we were confronted by the largest gathering of superb Morris Minors ever seen.   In old car circles it was a 'One Make' exclusive event.

We tried our best to look like a Morris Minor but were unconvincing.   We need not have worried though.   We were made very welcome by the Morris men - indeed we were quickly granted honorary membership of the Lancashire Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

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