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Saturday, 12 August 2017

I Have Opened Giggleswick Horticultural Society Show

Well, today was the BIG day for many in Settle and Giggleswick - the 76th Annual Giggleswick Horticultural Society Show and I had rashly agreed to open it.   Believe me this is an honour in these parts.

Pat and I were hosted to a super lunch and then had time to look at some stunning exhibits before the official opening at which I made a speech, of sorts, before declaring the thing open.   Afterwards I had to present the prizes.  My word, after 76 years there wasn't half some silverware to be presented.

In all humility and modesty it was a great honour to be asked to play a part in an event that had been going even longer than I have.   The first GHS show was in 1940  when the country was at war and 'digging for victory'.   Had Captain Mainwaring and the boys walked in they would have felt quite at home today.

 Up in lights on the front of the programme

 At the magnificent venue of Giggleswick School

 This rather appealed to my quirky sense of humour.

 Somebody here knows his onions.

I am not ofter seen in a jacket and tie in Settle.

The prize winners were young and old.   Aaaah, bless her.

Altogether a magical, very English country occasion.

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