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Monday, 21 August 2017

As Popular as Penyghent and Ribblehead Eh?

Mark Neale is an on-train guide on most of the steam trains that pass through Settle - including the Sunday Flying Scotsman trains this year.   Today he posted this on Facebook:

Mark Neale Mark Rand I pointed out what has now become `The Grand design house` to my passengers on Sunday as always. It seems to have become as popular feature as Penyghent and Ribblehead. Hope you dont mind!!!

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We can always tell which is Mark Neale's coach.   It's the one with people pointing at the water tower.   Most gratifying.   Of course, it's Restoration Man, not Grand Designs.   We often get asked what is Kevin McCloud really like!   We always put people right of course and tell them that George Clarke is a thoroughly nice chap.

Here's Mark Neale at Carlisle after one of his trips.                                                                                      

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