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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A New Angle on Settle

This spectacular picture of Settle railway station and its setting has appeared online.    It is a drone shot looking north from somewhere higher than the station footbridge:

click to enlarge

As you can see I have used it for my computer's desktop image.   It reveals several interesting features:

1.   the water tower on the right
2.   the straightness of the railway line at Settle, exposing how mercilessly it marched across the town without the slightest deviation.   
3.  the double line of trees to the north of the station conceals the reality that the railway right through the town of Settle is on a high embankment between two substantial viaducts - Marshfield and Church
4.   its construction involved using the grounds of once grand houses - Ashfield, Marshfield and Whitefriars
5.   the building to the left of the station is at a crazy angle to the railway line and station, with a high retaining wall separating them.   It pre dates the railway and is shown on the original plans of Settle station in all its absurdness.   Land and building owners were compensated handsomely.
6.   it also invaded the lands of Settle church and even Settle cricked ground!
7.   Pen y Ghent is just visible on the horizon.

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