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Monday, 31 July 2017

Tree Well and Truly Topped

The remainder of the troublesome sycamore tree bit the dust today.   Here is a reminder of how it looked over the weekend.   Some people asked if it was going to be left like that, which enabled me to exercise my mischievous side.   Indeed, it was a bit tempting.   Sculpting it into a giant raised fist and finger was actually considered.

 In the end it was decided to cut it right down but to leave a 32" tall stump, with the intention of mounting the water tower float valve on it.   To that end a great deal of trouble was taken to make the final cut dead level.

The diameter of the trunk at the cut was just short of 4 feet - more of course lower down.

These guys are used to working at height but couldn't resist a trip to the top of the tower.   Seen here from the left, Simon the spiderman, Aaron the super shredder and Jonathan the boss - and today's spiderman.

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