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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tree Tops Forestry to the Rescue

One of the downsides of living at the water tower has been a handsome but troublesome sycamore tree at the southern end of the site.   We had crown lifted the tree ourselves but in the nature of things it got bigger and bigger.   Not just that, neither we nor our neighbours could park cars below it, autumn leaves got everywhere, it cast a giant shadow and interfered with everybody's views.   Today was the day when top Dales tree surgeons Tree Tops solved the problem in spectacular style.   Besides ensuring there were no nesting birds they had obtained the necessary permission from Craven District Council to fell the tree.   This is how it was yesterday:
 The crown lifting (removing lower branches) make it appear delicate.  It wasn't!
Note how the man-cave is in partial shade.

Tree Tops Forestry, complete with special registration plate.

I had worried about the nearby buildings and fences but I need not have.   This is spiderman Simon in action.   Cut branches were fastened to a zip rope and guided safely to the precise spot on the ground, to be either shredded or set aside for logs.

By lunchtime a lot of the tree had been dealt with and a whole new view to the south was emerging.

The intrepid Simon had reduced the tree to its trunks.

and quite soon the top and middle of the tree had gone.

We had not lost our southern treed horizon either.

They even opened up our view to the east by removing two overhanging branches of a neighbouring tree - by agreement with said neighbour - revealing the spectacular eastern view.

Below the tree sat the 'Man Cave' - its south west terrace now bathed in evening sunshine.

A tremendous day's work by the Tree Tops team of Jonathan (the boss), Simon the spider and Aaron the super shredder.

The trunk and the base will be dealt with later in the week.   The weather today has been ideal - dry, flat calm though very warm.   Tomorrow is due to be very wet and windy indeed.

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