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Monday, 10 July 2017

That Toy Box and the Clock

Back on 22 June I did a blog entry about The Folly Coffee House which included this picture:

It shows the massive and magnificent fireplace at our old home, The Folly.   To the right of the fireplace is a rather obvious cabin trunk painted blue with white banding.   I had painted it some umpty-tum years ago when our daughter Lorna was a child, to be her toy box.   We left it at the Folly when we moved, never really expecting to see it again.

Children remember details of their childhoods and as soon as Lorna saw the picture she was thrilled to see her old toy box and lost no time in telling us so!

This morning I repossessed it from the Folly and it will soon be back with its claimant after (lots of) years.

We are gradually getting rid of lots of rubbish handing on to Lorna some of her childhood treasures, including a Vienna? wall clock:

about which she posted the following on Facebook, Bless Her:

A big part of my childhood came back to life and found its new home today. I remember it being half way up the stairs when I was growing up. I remember dad winding it up once a week and loving hearing the whirring noise as the key turned. I remember wishing I was allowed to wind the clock up. I remember its soft chimes on the half hour and hour. Time will tell whether I will find them annoying in the night, but somehow I doubt it. #heavysleeper
And now I get to wind it up! 
Thank you to my parents for not having room for it any more!! It feels like it has been here in its new home for ever 


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