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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Green and Pleasant?

As the nation wakes up to the terrible happenings in Manchester overnight we shall all be coming to terms with our private thoughts and emotions.

What if?

These things happen but nowadays everybody is becoming personally involved. Social media is saturated with an eerie mix of personal anxiety - "has anybody seen our daughter (See photo) who is not answering her phone?" right through to the routine, tinged with tragedy "the 0926 train from Manchester Victoria to Altrincham is cancelled due to an earlier police incident".

It is human nature to look for comfort elsewhere at times like these and to wonder how to help. To feel guilty perhaps that you were not there. The politicians and others trot out the inevitable cliche of 'Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of the deceased'. Expected but unlikely. There are things to be done - urgently. My thoughts are with the people in the emergency services whose lives will be preoccupied for a while dealing with the aftermath against the near certainty that their decisions, right or wrong, will be scrutinised for ever more.

What if?

Spare a thought for the police officers, nurses, and many others whose lives will be torn apart as they tackle things that in their hearts of hearts they hoped would never come their way.

Life goes on though. This image of Ribblehead this morning perhaps provides some perspective in a troubled world.

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What if?

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