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Thursday, 9 March 2017


Had a delightful surprise this afternoon whilst working in and around the garage.   A voice from the station drive called over "I know you".    I shielded my eyes against the sun (yes really) but recognition did not dawn so I replied "Remind me".    Turned out he was German and our TV programme had been shown on German TV a week or so ago.   And here he was - specially to see the place for himself!

If you click on the link then chain along to number 5, there we are.

He duly became our fist Visitors Book entry of 2017.   He was fascinated by the place and had clearly been watching the programme in detail.   He pointed out to me the so-called George Stairs.

We had a long chat about shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings.   He was 34 and his sister lives here in Settle.   He was born in East Germany.   He and his mother had left for the west just two years before the Berlin Wall came down.   I said that I did not think that could be done but no.   If you had the right papers you could leave East Germany on condition that you never returned.   After the reunification of Germany the family did return and that is where he now lives - in former East Germany, Restoration Man and all!

We agreed that it was a crazy old world.

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