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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

It's Not That Cold

FoSCL's Settle weather station (there's one at Ribblehead too) is located on top of our tower.

I know that some of you refer to it and have been concerned for our well being these past few days with temperatures of minus 32 C and a windchill of minus 44 C appearing online.   I promise you it was not that cold!

The problem was with the temperature and humidity sensor which is located in the white finned thingy at the base of the weather station.

  It was dead and had to be replaced - at great expense to FoSCL too.   Prices are anything up to £115.   Anyway, thanks to John Livesley of MyLocalWeather we sourced one for (a mere?) £49.99.   It is fitted and the weather station now tells the truth.  

Have a look-see on the link above for what's  happening here right now, weatherwise.

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