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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to Hide a Lift Shaft

When we were planning our adaptations of the tower we put a great deal of thought into the positioning of the lift shaft.   We wanted to put it outside the tower, out of sight at the rear as part of the annex.

The planners were having none of that and insisted that it went inside the tower.   That would necessitate it being smaller than we would have wished as it had to squeeze between the massive iron beams that supported the tank, at 4 foot centres.    Furthermore it would be a prominent feature of our main living space.   It has proved incredibly useful but it could not be denied that it was a bit of an eyesore.

We have puzzled for a long time how it might be somehow concealed or visually subdued but without success.   Recently, inspiration struck.   Why not make it into a clock tower?

click to enlarge

Effective, useful and something which gives function to what used to have all the appeal of a large upright freezer.

A visitor today was mightily impressed and said that all it lacked was a pendulum swinging behind the glass door.   That would indeed be fun. . . . . .

Never thought I would gain inspiration from Shipley Market Place:

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