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Saturday, 25 March 2017

An Action Shot

The Rt Rev Graham Dow, former Bishop of Carlisle, is a railway enthusiast.   What IS it about the clergy and railways?    He is also a very accomplished photographer.

Last month my voice was tested to its limits and beyond as an on-train-guide / commentator on all twelve of the Tornado-hauled service trains over the S&C.   I tried to get by without amplification on day one but it was too much so I fell back on our usual PA equipment for the remaining two days, during which Graham Dow made a surprise appearance in 'my' carriage.  Before I could compose myself - 'click'.  And this was the result, thank you Graham.

click to enlarge - but only if you must

He has promised to return to hear the whole of my commentary.   I may have to clean up my act.

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