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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Rainy Sunday Morning

It is Sunday and it is raining.   Heavily.    When these things coincide I like nothing better than to settle down in the roof room landing area - at the top on the topmost stairs, inside what was the water tank.

When the weather outside is evil it must be the cosiest place in Settle.

click to enlarge

It is not at all evident in the picture but a few millimetres of glass stand between this cosy space and a howling gale with squally rain thrown in.   Warm too with the heat of the floor below percolating up the stair well.

And the Sunday Telegraph too.   There is something very satisfying about embarking on an unread Sunday newspaper brimming with fresh crosswords, news, features and all the rest whilst turmoil reigns so close by outside.

The river Ribble through Settle has been angry today.   I do hope that no cavers have been taken unawares..

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