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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tornado Was Here

Sorry for the absence of postings these last few days.   Rather busy with the three days of scheduled steam hauled trains over the S&C - the first for nearly 50 years.

Each day the main trains were full up and would-be passengers were left at Skipton - 300 or so of them.   5,500 made it and travelled on the trains and the whole thing was a huge success, attracting worldwide media coverage.   Here in the UK there were live feeds into the BBC TV news bulletins throughout day one.   I travelled on all twelve trains in my On-Train-Guide capacity and am now a sworn-in trained door-steward too, but I shall not let it go to my head.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures captured on the S&C web cameras:

click to enlarge

 . . . . . . and emerging from the north end of Blea Moor tunnel:

And here's a super black-and-white picture of the morning northbound train crossing the Ribblehead Viaduct on 14th February.   It is well worth clicking to enlarge to reveal the unprecedented number of cars parked on the Hawes - Ingleton road behind the viaduct and one of several drones that were in the air at that stage of the journey.  Can you see it?

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