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Saturday, 31 December 2016

What are the Yorkshire Dales Really Like?

We are privileged to live right in the heart of The Yorkshire Dales.   That means a lot to us but may mean little to Blog followers around the world - or even from other parts of the United Kingdom.

I know this as I spent my first 8 or nine years in the south - in and around Guildford, Surrey in fact.   In those radio days my impression of 'the north' was of a foreign land probably inhabited by aliens who did not wash.   My father's posting to Leeds, Yorkshire was a bit of a shock to a southern softie.

I need not have worried.   Yorkshire, I soon discovered, was beautiful - even then.   Of course there was industry and grime and the industrial revolution was in its derelict death throes.

Well, what about the Yorkshire Dales?

Take a look at

The cover gives you a flavour.


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