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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Geest Truck Has Landed

My latest E-Bay find was a three wheeler railway platform truck - reported upon here previously.

Buying it was the easy bit.   Getting it here was the bigger problem.   Not as big a problem as the coal truck from Aviemore but still a problem.   It was way too big for my going-to-the-tip trailer and its was way up north near Newcastle.   The car transporter trailer was nearing completion so today was the agreed collection date.   The big trailer's first serious outing.

Well the big trailer passed with flying colours.   Here is the new truck on board the big trailer with Hadrian's Wall country in the background:

 click to enlarge

Pat is particularly taken with the colour of the tie down ratchet straps.

It was properly dark by the time we got back to Settle, the trailer having braved foul weather on the M6 in the Shap / Penrith / Tebay areas both ways.

The engine cowling was removed for the return journey.   Don't you think there is something of the Santa's sleigh about the ensemble?

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