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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Station Inn Mystery

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This curious image was captured on 15th December by our Ribblehead Viaduct web camera.   The camera is on the station master's house.   The Settle Carlisle railway lines are on the left and the Station Inn is at the bottom of the station drive.

Question is what is the enormous explosion-like fireball alongside that is lighting up the sky?   The Station Inn is still there in case you are wondering.

Suggestions please in the comments section below - if only to prove that somebody is really out there.

Happy Christmas.


  1. An unfortunate accident caused by the consumption of too many sprouts by the local Morris dancers?

  2. Hard to tell what time of day it is. I would love to think it is "smoke" from a steam train illuminated by the sun. Even better if it was a "Santa Special".

  3. I have no idea on the photo but just want to say that your conversion of the water tower is amazing. I just watched that episode of Renovation Man and I always google to renos to see if the same people still live in them or have sold them etc. When I got steered to your blog, I just had to tell you that I think it is absolutely smashing :) And that you can add another lone Aussie to your visitors stats list and put us into double digits for this week. Keep it up :)
    Cheers, Marie

    1. Wow Marie, thank you for those kind words and absolutely delighted to know that the Blog is read and appreciated the World over, literally. Australia and New Zealand are by far the main sources of overseas visitors to the tower as the TV programme gets shown there so often. You must like repeats!

      All the best for 2017.

      Mark R&


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