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Monday, 17 October 2016

Last of the Summer Wine Strikes Again

Remember these things on the platforms of any large station in the land?   On very large stations they were strung together and towed along full of mailbags by a mechanical tug driven by a homicidal maniac.    That was before 'elf n' safety of course.

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This one (an LMS pattern 201 trolley for the nerds among you) has been painstakingly restored at FoSCL's Settle workshop.   Only problem was it would not fit through the doors and gateways to take a direct route to the station so it had to come through the water tower area.   Unwittingly this in effect  re-created a scene straight out of Last of the Summer Wine.   Here's me in the Foggy Dewhurst role and three other members of the Saturday Summer Wine Club.   A fifth member is operating the camera and receiving unwanted advice from the rest - hence the worried looks.

We did consider a tin bath on the trolley for a victim to sit in but rejected the idea as juvenile and embarrassing once we got onto the crowded platform.

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