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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Lawn Mowing Milestone

Since my chemotherapy I have been struggling with the three lawns around this place.

I have always found lawn mowing quite therapeutic.    There is something about the smell of new mown grass and the neat results that is very satisfying.   It demands attention and any of the worlds worries are set aside.

I have three very different lawns here -
- the verge of the station drive
- the public verge along Station Road that the local council had abandoned
- the steep banking behind the water tower

Each has its challenges and during my chemotherapy they would take three or more days to mow.   I began to wonder if there would ever be a day when I could see off all three in the one day.

Well, today was the day!

Trial and error had found me the two mowers that would do the job:

This tiny Bosch machine is light and agile enough for the steep slope and the station drive

and this Einhell relative monster with its driven rear wheels is perfect for the Station Road verge .

I really do feel that I am on the mend.

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