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Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Little Grey Yanmar Now

When I bought the Yanmar YM14 mini tractor for the bargain price of £351 on E-Bay I knew it has two major faults.   Its brakes did not work and the steering wheel would do half a true before anything happened.

Googling and YouTubing both these items produced the solutions.   What a marvel the internet is.

I am getting to the rebuilding stage and very satisfying it is too:

click to enlarge

Here she is in a coat of primer, looking like a tiny version of a Grey Fergie.

For comparison this is how she was:

I have been able to match the lime green / yellow paint colour so she should look very smart indeed next year sometime.   More importantly she will go, stop and steer!

I had a visitor earlier in the week who knew a thing or two about these things.   Wow he said.   A Yanmar YM 14 two cylinder diesel!   He went on to tell me what superb machines these were back in their day.    Mine's day turns out to have been 1979 from various markings here and there.

For inspiration here is a smart looking example from Poland, Russia or somewhere like that

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