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Friday, 19 August 2016

Eddie Stobart and Ankles

Today I had a hospital appointment at Airedale with orthopod Mr Wray.   We deviated for our normal straightforward route because one of Eddie Stobart's finest had had a coming-together with the bridge over the river Aire at Consiton Cold some days ago, resulting in queues and traffic lights from now until Kingdom Come:

click to make big lorry bigger

Ancient masonry and modern traffic sometimes don't mix well.    

Anyway, we took the scenic route via Airton and Gargrave to Airedale Hospital, which was delightful.

Mr Wray probed my Achilles-less left ankle and taking all things into consideration decided that an operation would be too risky.   I shall continue without a left Achilles tendon and hope it heals - if I behave myself and don't climb any ladders or sign up for any Olympics.

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