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Friday, 19 August 2016

A Visit from The Tea Club

A couple of days ago, a delightful group of people visited us.   They were West Yorkshire's 'Tea Club'

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They reported favourably on their day out in Settle and were kind enough to Tweet to their 4,000+ followers what a spiffing day they had had here.   Not only that, their Tweet (or was it Facebook?) had this picture as their main visual impression of Settle - besides a plate of fish n' chips.

Nice picture and we are chuffed to bits.

Places need a bit of different-ness, unfettered by the dead hand of the planning system.   We have not troubled the planners with the Settle sign but if it becomes a bit of a feature then OK.    You do rather wonder what UK planners would have had to say about that statue on Sugar Loaf in Rio.......

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